Pages and thoughts about the various projects I've worked on, tech or otherwise

Can I Park?

An iOS app that shows you locations and descriptions of all of NYC's parking signs


A quadcopter I built from scratch, and I only crashed it once

Music and Lights

Mixing LEDs and an Arduino lead to some pretty funky visuals


I like to take landscape pictures.
See my favorite shots below, or click the button to see all of my shots.

Taunggyi, Myanmar

During the day, we treked through the Burmese forest. Evenings and nights we spent in the local villages.

El Calafate, Argentina

Long hikes through fresh snow and frozen forests soon gave way to stunning views of Mount Fitz Roy.

Glacier NP, Montana, USA

The night sky looked like a water color painting, thousands of bright lights dotting the inky black backdrop.


For the thoughts and posts that don't fit anywhere else.
Travel stuff mostly.